CMB Makes It Simple To Sell with it's Exclusive CMB "Consider It Sold" Listing Guide CMB

Realty Group makes it easy for you to sell. Every seller wants buyers to walk into their home and fall in love. CMB Realty offers a "Consider It Sold" Listing Guide for clients to create a "CMB Realty Group Show-Ready Home." Once it is "Show Ready," get ready for the offer and a closing! If following CMB's exclusive plan, you should receive an offer within the first three showings leaving you to live comfortably without the worry of preparing for showings over and over again!

The CMB Difference - We provide you with facts & inform you with what you "Need to Hear" vs. others that may tell what they think you want to hear. You deserve honesty.

We provide you with beneficial tasks that improve your profitability.

CMB Realty Group Listing Process:

Step 1: Market Analysis
Your agent will search recent comparable properties that sold within the past year, make adjustments while comparing it to your property, and suggest a realistic, research-supported listing price range. Homes are sold for what buyers are willing to pay and what banks are willing to lend on. Banks lend on the value of the home and use comparable homes that recently sold in order to determine a homes "value." Comparable homes are those of similar size, style, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage spaces, amount of land, etc.

Step 2: Property Viewing, Listing Paperwork, and Photos
Your agent will meet you at the property to view your home. Your agent will provide you with a list of items to complete so they are able to take photos during their visit. Additionally, they will present you with agreements to sign.

Step 3: Property Listed
Your agent will then enter your home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and market your property. If your agent has given you suggestions for staging and organizing, please complete them right away. Your first showing could be within one day! How exciting!

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